One of my favorite times working with a Bride was several years ago, during filming of a pilot episode for a reality show called “The Veil Trail.” The show was not a success (it was way too nice with no “train wreck”) but the bride and her story were a huge success. When Laura entered the salon, the heavens shined from above. Her energy and smile lit up the showroom. She had recently reconnected with a college friend and fallen in love with the man he’d become (they were both in their late 30’s at the time). You see, not only was she thrilled to be getting married; she also had just conquered and was in remission from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Sadly, she was told by her doctors that her chances of getting pregnant due to her age, plus the chemotherapy she received, were next to none. But nothing, and I mean nothing, turned her beautiful bride smile upside down, she was happy just to wake up every day. When she arrived for filming the only radiation she had, came from the smile she continued to wear.

During this filming Laura was once again given amazing news, she was pregnant. She was so worried to tell us (her gown designers), yet we of course were over the moon happy for her and her husband-to-be. She was having a custom gown made in-house, at our atelier, so we were able to continue muslin fittings and hold off on cutting into the fabric of her gown until closer to the wedding as her body changed. We even held off on doing her final fitting until the week before the wedding. This was an ideal situation for all and a happy one too.

Since most gowns are not custom made in house at an atelier it is very important that you communicate with your sales consultant and alterations person.  Remember this is one garment that you will have fit to you, maybe the only one in your lifetime. We have often been let in on many secrets and we promise not to tell. The vault is closed forever! Or if you are afraid to tell us you’ve changed your mind about undergarments, shoes or decided to try a new workout plan, don’t be, we won’t be angry, we promise!

Getting a breast augmentation – Tell Us!

You found a pair of shoes you just have to have that are three inches higher than the ones you advised you were going to wear – Tell Us!

Find out you are pregnant, and you already ordered your gown – Tell Us!

On your cycle while getting measured or fit but won’t be on your wedding day – Tell Us! Some women actually go up an entire bra cup size or an entire dress size during their cycle

Need to wear a bra on your wedding day – Tell Us!

Refuse to wear a bra on your wedding day – Tell Us!

Changing your workout regimen – Tell Us!

Weight gain or Weight loss plan implemented – Tell Us!


One of life’s biggest lessons, when it comes to your marriage, will be to never assume anything. TRUST ME! So, start practicing with your sales consultant if needed. Think of it as pre-marriage counseling. Lol – Communication is so important in life, and for us it is especially important during your gown experience from shopping and selection to your final fitting. There are always options at time of purchase and during the gown production. Sometimes you may like the option and other times you may not, but that is why you need to communicate to find what these options are.

Over the years you would not believe what I have seen and conquered. Some stories may come out of the vault, but names will be withheld to protect the innocent…  Or maybe I’ll just put your name in print as I did with lovely Laura but only because it’s a beautiful story and she granted permission!

I’ve often called myself a “plan B” person.  When plan A doesn’t work out, I don’t sweat it; I just move right on to plan B, C, or D ….  This is a gift in the bridal industry and, there are always options, and almost everything is manageable if we are given the updates. We don’t have crystal balls. That’s a different industry.